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    • "Get Healthy, Happy and Beautiful with Super krauts!! This sauerkraut will make a sauerkraut eater out of you! It is nothing like what you find at the market! It's full of probiotics that we need everyday and is Delicious" G.H.
    • There is no comparison with the other sauerkrauts on the market- yours is clearly the best!! Trudy
    • "Your sauerkraut has made me the healthiest I've ever been. Thanks for making it, and for your prompt delivery!" Sally
    • "I tried the krauts and I swear I took a bite of heaven!!! they are absolutely wonderful, never have I tasted a sauerkraut that could compare to yours. Michelle
    • "Look no further....THIS is the KRAUT of the gods! I just received it today and It's REALLY REALLY delicious! This ain't your grandmas plain ole sauerkraut. You can taste the delicate notes of other ingredients. It was really well packaged to prevent breakage. This would make a really lovely gift or even as an thoughtful housewarming instead of wine . I love you Superkrauts! " Susan
    • "Thanks….this kraut is a “Lifesaver”…..has me on a “regular” rhythm once again!  (I am 92…..and that is important!)". Norma
    • "Just wanted to say what a difference your digestive health brand has made in my life. I was doubtful about ordering on line but was thrilled to find out the taste was better than my expectations and the healing effects I have felt after just 1 week are amazing. I ordered my 2nd round of 3 jars of Healing Kraut so I can continue my journey to a normal life...which is something I have not had for some time! THANK YOU for a wonderful product." Kim
    • "LOVE YOUR PINK LEMON SAUERKRAUT!!!! For breakfast, I put the sauerkraut with cook spinach and it tastes like heaven....  a gentle flavor." Kathryn
    • "So I got the wonderful order you all sent and you cannot believe how happy I am..first of all you guys were so kind to replace it for something that was my fault..second it tastes amazing...just like I remember from when I was young..third at the age of 65 I have developed some tummy and digestive issues and I know just from my dad who was a doctor back in the 50's that raw fermented saurekraut has billions of Probioctic flora..1 or 2 tablespoons a day and no more trouble and guess what ...1 week eating this probiotic more bloat more gassy tummy.. no more diarrhea... no more more heartburn and no more huge stomach...and since I do have breast cancer I know that this is going to be just what I need..I'm not 100% yet but just in a week I feel like a million bucks and i don't feel so tired anymore...I have lost 6 lbs all you peeps out there this is Gods gift to good health and peace of eat this wonderful superfood..thank you so much for your kindness to me..remember 1 tablespoon in the morning before you eat and 1 at night before bed. xxxooo." Denise
    • "My krauts arrived in perfect condition, even after crossing the country! The folks at Superkrauts are super-helpful about answering questions and taking care of their customers; and they are super-professional, with securely packed jars and prompt shipping (and wisely timing their ship dates so jars of kraut won't languish in warehouses over the weekend). An excellent company to do business with." Brian
    • "Arrived sooner than expected. Very well packed and the taste was perfect." Deijzah
    • "Unlike many other sauerkraut's that I've tried, this brand I enjoy the most. It is crisp and fresh and alive tasting. JLM
    • "Delicious and I finally believe I am truly getting live probiotics that somehow the pills never seem to really deliver. My system is working smoothly." Roberta E.
    • "The Best! Will order regularly." Penelope
    • "Super fast. Great authentic Kosher. Very happy." Jeffrey
    • "This is excellent sauerkraut. High quality and great flavors. Highly recommend. Shipping was fast and nice packaging." Paul
    • "Simply the BEST!" Deb Lee
    • "I used to hate sauerkraut, but since my doctor said I need to eat more, I tried this brand out with a lot of high hopes and they met and exceeded in quality. Great stuff!" Andy
    • "Best Sauekraut Available! This is, by far, the best sauerkraut we have ever tried. Its fresh, crisp, delicate and sophisticated flavor and aroma belies its propounded health benefits. And yes, it is much better than our home made efforts! We highly recommended!" R.B.
    • "If you have not had SuperKrauts, you have not tasted sour kraut. If you are looking to increase your consumption of fermented foods, sour kraut is the easiest and most delicious way to do it and this is the most delicious sour kraut. I have tried several of the varieties and especially like the Greek and the purple krauts. I eat it with just about everything." Paul
    • "Not only does it taste AMAZING, but I actually feel better too- I purchased this to help promote healthy gut flora. I've never been a big fan of sauerkraut, but I've realized that's because I've only ever had mushy store-bought stuff. This is the real deal. Not only does it taste AMAZING, but I actually feel better too. I bought three jars about a week ago and I'm running low already!" Hashimoto
    • "Really delicious. This brand taste better than any other brand of cultured raw vegetables that I have tried. I have tried the Original, the Green Goddess, and the Greek. They're all wonderful." Mary Katherine