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    15 gourmet sauerkraut flavors to enhance any meal

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    NOTE: We ship this item unrefrigerated. Please refrigerate upon arrival, whether opened or unopened.
    Our krauts are kept refrigerated until they are ready to ship. They can be sent unrefrigerated because it takes many days for the live cultures to wake up and restart the process of fermentation. There is no danger of spoilage or harm to the live cultures during shipping.

    On arrival please refrigerate the krauts and they will remain at their peak flavor for at least 1 year.

    Pop Quiz: Why does my kraut fizz up and bubble when I open it?




     It’s what we fermenters call Happy Bubbles. Perfectly fine - if messy - and you most certainly know now that we mean it, when we say “it’s a live food!”. The fermentation just caused the release of gas (CO2) which doesn’t have any place to go when the lid is on tight - so once you open - bubbles! everywhere! Very much the same way as with Champagne! Should calm down once you put it in the fridge after the first time opened and is perfectly safe to eat and super charged with probiotics.