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    What is raw fermented Superkraut?

    sauerkraut fermenting in glass jarsIt is the kind of sauerkraut our great-grandparents enjoyed. Simple - just two ingredients - cabbage and salt - no preservatives, no chemicals, no gimmicks. We have combined the traditional fermentation process with exciting new flavors - such as cinnamon, sriracha, smoked salts. Our superkrauts are always raw, organic, fermented without heating - unpasteurized and full of vitamins, minerals and fresh pro-biotics in every bite.


    Why Eat Raw Fermented Kraut?

    Why eat raw fermented sauerkrautIn 3 words: tasty, healthy and satisfying! Raw, cultured vegetables are really potent in terms of helping your body operate efficiently. When your body is working the way it should, then you feel great, but you also look beautiful too. Eating fermented vegetables will help with weight loss, reduce sugar cravings and lead to more energy, as well as balance out the pH levels of your body. You will find your immunity is boosted from having a healthy gut and you will start to really feel cleaner.











    Can you back all the health claims for fermented foods?

    health benefits of fermented foodsAbsolutely! Check on our page titled "Health Benefits" for links directly to each health study. Everday new studies are published that underline the important role fermented foods play in a healthy diet.


    Does the Kraut have to be refrigerated?

    refrigerated sauerkrautYes, once you receive your Superkrauts they should be placed in the refrigerator, where they will be at their peak for another 12 months - although they are usually loved and consumed well before that.


    Why does my kraut fizz up and bubble when I open it?







     It's what we fermenters call Happy Bubbles. Perfectly fine - if messy - and you most certainly know now that we mean it, when we say “it’s a live food!”. The fermentation just caused the release of gas (CO2) which doesn’t have any place to go when the lid is on tight - so once you open - bubbles! everywhere! Very much the same way as with Champagne! Should calm down once you put it in the fridge after the first time opened and is perfectly safe to eat and super charged with probiotics. 

    Shipping FAQ's

    Q: My kraut arrived warm, is it still good?

    While we try to keep the kraut at a stable temperature and we try to keep the journey as short as possible, the kraut will stay cool but not necessarily refrigerator cold. That should not be a problem. Fermented foods are a finished food that are kept refrigerated so fermentation slows down to a minimum. If you keep them out of the refrigerator during shipping or left on the counter for a few days - not much will happen. The salt in the sauerkraut keeps the fermented food safe. We do however recommend you refrigerate as soon as possible - since the krauts taste better cold.

    Q: My krauts arrived wet? What’s going on - are they safe to eat?
    Jars arrive wet for two reasons: condensation - we store all the finished krauts refrigerated, until they are ready to ship so they may sweat a little during transit. The other reason is leakage: it happens at times - these are hand closed jars - we close them extra tight by hand when we pack for shipping and we check and double-check for leakage and yet when the package is dropped (happens apparently at times when the trucks are packed) the lid can be knocked loose and then we have free flowing brine inside the package. Its messy and smelly - but it does not in any way affect the krauts themselves or the probiotics in them.
    Q: How long will my Superkrauts last once I open it?
    In the refrigerator the krauts will keep for a year even after opening, but we yet have to meet somebody who does not eat them much sooner - so how long they will last is up to you…”

    Q: I eat the krauts solely for probiotic support - is there any damage to the probiotics during transport?
    The probiotics in sauerkraut are in a very supported environment. They have food (the prebiotic fiber of the cabbage) and they have the environment they crave, the salty brine. Probiotics really only get damaged once they are heated above 125º F, which is why we do not recommend you cook with our krauts. If you would like to enjoy our Superkrauts with warm foods - wait until your food is cooled down to edible temperatures and you can then safely mix in the krauts. They taste marvelous that way!

    Q: My krauts arrived fizzy and bubbly - everything OK?
    CO2 can build up inside the tightly closed jar and you get the bubbling effect, because the kraut has no room for expansion in the closed jar. This can also happen due to the agitation during shipping which is very hard to circumvent. Our recommendation would be - refrigerate overnight - see if the bubbling stops and if it does not, just send us a quick email and a replacement shipment will be on its way swiftly.
    Q: One of my jars arrived broken - what now?
    First off - sincerest apologies. Please be careful disposing of the broken glass - but wait! Before you toss it out - take a quick picture for us, showing the damage inside and out. ALL our packages are insured and we will gladly ship you a new package, but it would be nice to be able to be compensated for the damage that happened during transit. Just email us - send us your pictures and a replacement package will be on its way promptly. Please be assured that breakage occurs extremely rarely. We really love our USPS.


    Q: What is the difference between Sold out and Preorder?

    Sold out means that there are currently no barrels with this flavor that are up and coming. Therefor you cannot order this flavor until it goes into pre-order status. Preorder means that the kraut is currently in the barrels and fermenting and while we will take orders for this flavor it will be somewhere around 2 weeks until the order will ship.
    Lately a lot of our flavors sell out directly from pre-order status so it may be advisable to put your order in even if the flavor is on pre-order status.