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    What is raw fermented Superkraut?

    sauerkraut fermenting in glass jarsIt is the kind of sauerkraut our great-grandparents enjoyed. Simple - just two ingredients - cabbage and salt - no preservatives, no chemicals, no gimmicks. We have combined the traditional fermentation process with exciting new flavors - such as cinnamon, sriracha, smoked salts. Our superkrauts are always raw, organic, fermented without heating - unpasteurized and full of vitamins, minerals and fresh pro-biotics in every bite.


    Why Eat Raw Fermented Kraut?

    Why eat raw fermented sauerkrautIn 3 words: tasty, healthy and satisfying! Raw, cultured vegetables are really potent in terms of helping your body operate efficiently. When your body is working the way it should, then you feel great, but you also look beautiful too. Eating fermented vegetables will help with weight loss, reduce sugar cravings and lead to more energy, as well as balance out the pH levels of your body. You will find your immunity is boosted from having a healthy gut and you will start to really feel cleaner.

    Can you back all the health claims for fermented foods?

    health benefits of fermented foodsAbsolutely! Check on our page titled "Health Benefits" for links directly to each health study. Everday new studies are published that underline the important role fermented foods play in a healthy diet.


    Does the Kraut have to be refrigerated?

    refrigerated sauerkrautYes, once you receive your Superkrauts they should be placed in the refrigerator, where they will be at their peak for another 12 months - although they are usually loved and consumed well before that.


    Why does my kraut fizz up and bubble when I open it?







    It’s what we fermenters call Happy Bubbles. Perfectly fine - if messy - and you most certainly know now that we mean it, when we say “it’s a live food!”. The fermentation just caused the release of gas (CO2) which doesn’t have any place to go when the lid is on tight - so once you open - bubbles! everywhere! Very much the same way as with Champagne! Should calm down once you put it in the fridge after the first time opened and is perfectly safe to eat and super charged with probiotics.