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    CBD collection

    How to choose the right Super Botanicals Honey for me? Or how to find my groove...

    We have created 10 CBD formulas to help with specific symptoms, from IBS Relief, Deep Sleep, Immune Support, Creative Energy, Anxiety Support, Pain Relief and more...

    In each of these Honeys we use very different Cannabis strains and herbs to achieve specific effects. You can mix and match these honeys throughout your day to suit your specific needs.

    You may want to:
    Start your day with Happy Day for an upbeat zippy day.
    You may want to bring in afternoon chill with Chilax to signal a change of pace.
    You may want to take Deep Sleep half an hour before bed for a restful night.
    On a day you are headed for a party you may want to try Serenity Now to overcome crowd anxiety and ease discomfort.
    If you need a rush of energy try Creative Energy to give you that calm boost to write that symphony, or simply have a great work day, energetic and smooth..

    After a hard day of gardening you may feel a little stiff - Relief Now Honey could
    help to make sure nothing hurts tomorrow!

    For a relaxed sensual feeling you may want to take Chocolate Tantra half hour before settling down to enjoy a massage.

    Specific ailments:

    You may want to take our IBS or Migraine honeys at the onset of symptoms.

    It is important to experiment which formula you react best to. Each individual reacts slightly differently to different cannabinoids and terpenes. It is important to find your own groove!


    Super Botanicals CBD

    Please visit our sister-website at Super Botanicals
    We handcraft the most amazing collection of CBD Honeys and Oils.


    CBD Super Botanicals


    Free Sample with purchase (a $45 value)

    CBD sample offer
    We'd like to offer you a Complimentary Sample of one of CBD flavors with the purchase of any 3 Superkrauts products.

    CBD Honey samples have 6 doses, while our IBS Relief Oil has 5 doses, plenty to find out how it can help you.

    Please visit our Super Botanicals website and choose your Free Sample here

    In the checkout cart of your Superkrauts order please tell us which CBD product you'd like to sample - just enter the name in the "Special instructions for seller" 

    IBS Relief Oil

    Our tintures and honeys will not make you feel intoxicated or "high" as they do not contain more than 0.3% THC. They are legal in all 50 States and can be purchased online without a medical marijuana card.

    This limited time offer is valid only while supplies last. One Free Sample per customer please.

    By requesting the Free CBD Sample you certify that you are over 21 years of age. Void where prohibited by law.