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    Sauerkraut - the Probiotic Food that is making news - is now a true Gourmet Side-Dishready to accompany any meal as Instant Probiotic Salads”.

    - Raw Fermented in Glass Jars. We never use plastic liners in our fermentation vessels - only glass.
    - Hand-crafted in small batches, using 100% organic ingredients and salts of the highest quality
    - Unpasteurized and free of vinegars or preservatives, to keep their wonderful probiotics alive! 
    - Keeps for 1 year, refrigerated. Ready to eat!

      SüperKrauts' rich enzymes help balance your gut to power up your digestion. Your gut's microbiome flora will love a diet that includes the live probiotics found in Superkrauts, easy to digest as a real food!